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PhD(c), M.Sc.



Nutritional Genomics

His passion with sports and nutrition dates back to his school years. He was a basketball player participating in European championships and has won numerous international awards.

He holds two university degrees. One from the Department of Dietetics-Nutrition Science of Harokopio University and one from the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science of the University of Athens. His master thesis referred to Genetic Predisposition and Interactions with Diet and Exercise. In addition, he has been awarded the first prize by the Hellenic Society of Adolescent Medicine "George Marangos", for his research: "Physical activity is associated with mitigation of genetic predisposition to obesity in pre-adolescent children : findings of the GENDAI study ”.

He is scientifically responsible for nutrition related issues in Costa Navarino. Since 2010 he has been providing specialized services in his office in Glyfada.

At the same time, he has been appearing in numerous TV shows about nutrition and well- being.

For more than 10 years he has been offering voluntary work as well as organizing activities related to nutrition and health in close collaboration with renowned organizations (SOS Children's Villages, Feeding Program at the Accommodation for Unaccompanied Children, school canteens in the Municipality of Elliniko - Argyroupolis, women facing or overcoming breast cancer).

Having changed drastically the bad eating patterns of more than 10,000 people in Greece and Cyprus, Dimitris Peppas has found his own unique way of delving into modern issues of nutrition and health.




The fundamental law of nature is evolution. A change that transformed Homo Sapiens to the modern human. Along with human, sciences such as nutrition are evolving, too. Something that was valid a decade ago is not necessarily valid nowadays. Understanding our need for change and evolution, we apply a new methodology that aims at a holistically better version of our body and health.

Through our cooperation, the goal is to train you on how to organize your weekly diet plan in such a way as to significantly reduce the chances of failure and pointless meals. You will be able to react effectively even after a nutritional failure and handle subversive thoughts about your diet and effort.

These techniques enable you to discover the connection that you are missing between "I know what I need to do" and "I know how to do it consistently".

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